Google began testing a new “Trusted Stores” badge on its Adwords platform to compliment its Trusted Stores program. Search Engine Land discovered the feature this afternoon. For those unfamiliar, Adwords is Google’s ad platform that displays ads on Google’s Search product while driving a ton of revenue to the Mountain View, Calif.-based company. Google launched Trusted Stores last year as a way for customers to feel a little more comfortable when buying products online. The new badge that appears in Adwords will help users to understand which companies Google has approved as a reliable source.

A Google spokesperson explained the move:

“As part of the Google Trusted Stores program, we’re currently conducting a test with a small set of advertisers to help users identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience. In our ongoing efforts to provide ads that are useful and relevant for users, we’re experimenting with different ways to communicate information about the quality of the shopping experience for a particular advertiser in the search ad itself.”

Google is testing the new badge, but that does not mean the company will roll out the feature. However, this definitely sounds cool and makes ads appear a little more useful to users. Google earns the majority of its money from ad revenue.

Source: Search Engine Land

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