On the Google Enterprise blog today, General Manager of Enterprise Search Matthew Eichner introduced the latest version of the yellow “Google in a box” search solution for enterprises. GSA 7.0 brings new features nearly 10 years after first introducing the appliance, including: Google-quality search for SharePoint 2010, better smartphone and tablet integration, and refined speed and relevance with assisted navigation and Entity Recognition:

The GSA 7.0 helps you find information stored anywhere in your organization, whether you’re using a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Administrators can easily add content sources from secure storage, cloud services or the public web and social networking sites. GSA 7.0 also provides Google-quality search for SharePoint 2010, making for a more simple and intuitive, all-in-one search experience.

Google described of the other new features in GSA 7.0 including document preview, Google translate, support for more languages, and an improved UI:

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  • -Document preview – view thumbnails and flip through full-screen document previews right alongside search results.
  • -Google Translate – secure and automatic translations display in search results, in more than 60 languages.
  • -Updated language capabilities – including parsing the complex morphology of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean to improve results. Expert search – tap into your organization’s knowledge graph, and instantly collaborate with colleagues who have answers.
  • -New interface – a more beautiful search experience rolling out with the GSA 7 series.
  • -Improved scale – a single rack of GSAs could now fit the equivalent of the entire Google.com index in 2000 – 1 billion pages.

You can learn more about Google Search Appliance 7.0 here.

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