Several Korean news sites are reporting that the Samsung S4 has now passed 20 million shipments. Samsung’s flagship handset, launched in April, hit 10m shipments by the end of May and it appears that the pace has scarcely slowed since – almost matching that of the iPhone 5.

As ever, we have to caution that Samsung cites shipments rather than sales, meaning that unsold handsets stored in warehouses get counted, but in general carriers and retailers don’t like to sit on large inventories, so sales shouldn’t lag shipments by too big a gap … 


Samsung has now reportedly set a sales target for the handset of 100 million, which would make it the company’s best-selling product. Its current record is held by the predecessor S3, which eventually racked up sales of 60 million. So far, the S4 is selling 1.7 times faster than the S3.

Samsung recently unveiled three variants on the S4 last month, the S4 Active, S4 Mini and S4 Zoom.


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