Chalk this story up with a grain of salt but a new report indicates LG pushed for an alternative name for the Nexus 5. According to a Chosun IIbo, a major Korean newspaper the manufacturer wanted to name the device the “Nexus G.” The Nexus G nomenclature would fall more in line with LG’s current line of smartphones ala the Optimus G, G2, G Flex and G Pad. Anyone see the pattern, anyone?

Google apparently nixed the idea but we can clearly see why LG would have pushed for the name early on. There’s also something to be said for the interpretation that the “G” could have stood for “Google.” While LG might have lost the name battle, Motorola fared much better with the just announced Moto G. As a Google company, Motorola likely incurred less hassle adding the “G” to the name than LG or perhaps Moto just randomly selected the letter. Regardless, there is something to be said as all but one Nexus device has lacked the name of its manufacturer. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the only device in the Nexus line that included any extra language outside of “Nexus” and a label for the model.

All things considered, the name is water under the bridge as it hardly would be responsible for any impact on sales, but it’s always fun to read about the process that leads up to a smartphone launch.

Which name would you have preferred?

Chosun IIbo via PhoneArena

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