Grabbing the attention of customers in the wireless industry these days requires some slick moves and a creative mind. Well, Motorola has done exactly that with a brand new interactive ad in January’s Wired magazine.

According to Mashable, the ad is rolling out to a quarter of Wired’s subscriber base, or 153,940 people will see this ad¬†in the New York and Chicago metro areas beginning next Thursday.¬†Motorola is focusing on two of the countries three-largest cities in an effort to support its extensive ad campaign. It’s a unique take on marketing for Motorola and will hopefully boost their first quarter 2014 sales well beyond the 500,000 they sold in the third quarter of 2013.

The Moto X customization experience comes to WIRED magazine in the world’s first interactive print ad. Select copies of the January edition of WIRED magazine contain a special surprise – the very first interactive print experience. Yep, you read that right. You can start designing your Moto X right in the magazine. It’s an ad that’s as unique as you are, for a phone that’s truly yours.

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