Training materials leaked from both HTC and Samsung identify the arguments each manufacturer hopes will persuade you to buy its new flagship handset.

HTCSource posted a flyer showing that HTC has five main arguments, and seven secondary ones, for the HTC One M8. The primary features highlighted are the metal casing, two front speakers, tap & swipe features to facilitate one-handed use, the duo camera and the HTC Advantage program … 


A presentation slide posted to Weibo revealed that Samsung in turn is focusing on seven key features for the Galaxy S5: water- and dust-proofing, a higher-resolution camera with faster focus, child-proof features, removeable battery, power-saving mode and fingerprint security.


The Samsung slide is in Chinese, but you can read the full HTC document below. If you prefer a more objective source, you can read our HTC One M8 review and our in-depth comparison between the Galaxy S4 and S5.



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