Google-owned, social navigation app Waze for Android and iOS has been updated today. Version 3.8 introduces a cluster of new features, including friends via contacts, which lets you sync your phone’s contact list with your Waze friends, keeping you connected when heading to the same destination. Also new is the ability to send your current location to friends, as well as addresses from your favorites and history. When you share an address with a friend, they’ll receive a link from Waze with directions to the location that can be used whenever they’re ready.

Keeping loyal to its social roots, Waze users can now share their driving routes with multiple friends at a time by tapping a contact’s photo and selecting “go.” The people that you share your drive with can track your progress and will be provided with a real-time ETA.

Lastly, this updated app has received a few modest tweaks like a redesigned main menu, performance enhancements and changes to the way you send and receive friend requests.

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