Google, according to several user posts on Google+, has recently opened up a replacement program for people who damage their Nexus 5. While the company has yet to officially announce this program, users are reporting that if you have a damaged Nexus 5, Google will offer a one-time replacement for free.

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There are no limits on what the damage could be, either. Google is supposedly replacing devices with water damage and cracked screens for free, as long as you send the damaged device back to them. HTC and Motorola have started similar programs recently. In Google’s case, this may be an attempt to clear out stock of the Nexus 5, as it’s coming up on nearly a year of availability, meaning that a successor should be right around the corner.

To take advantage of the recently-launched program, simply call Google Play customer support, explain your damage, and they will send you a refurbished Nexus 5 for totally free. Once you get the refurbished unit, simply send your damaged device back to them.

(via Android Central)

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