Google has updated its homepage today with a cute little doodle for New Years Eve, and is paying homage to a slew of notable trending topics and human achievements from 2014. Of the most interesting things that happened this year (according to Google trends at least) were the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Flappy Bird, landing on an comet, amongst many others.

Clicking on the Google doodle for today takes you to the Google Trends website, where you’ll find top lists of the most searches queries for the year in any given topic. Google has also put together a neat “Year in Search” page that showcases off a variety of different stories that happened and a quick way to explore them through Trends.

Interestingly, it looks like Google has a very similar doodle planned for tomorrow, but instead replacing the “2014” and search trends in today’s logo with a “2015” and a bunch of fireworks. If you want to spoil it for yourslef, check out the below YouTube video:


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