Jeff Gordon is probably one of the most vocal HTC higher-ups on Twitter, being the source of many a tease about the company’s continual smartphone endeavors. He’s also very often the first to tell the world about software releases and other important HTC-related updates. Today he was especially engaging, coming out to talk a bit about the company’s flagship smartphone line, but specifically on the origin of the HTC One Mx naming scheme…

Gordon says that the HTC One M9 is the ninth flagship device HTC has launched since the company began embarking on its own brand in 2007. The HTC One (M7) started the trend following the HTC One X, but at the time the “M7” was just a codename. It wasn’t long before the company embraced the moniker, however.

“We realized it was our 7th flagship model so it all made sense,” says Gordon.

It just so happened that the “M7” name lined up perfectly with the phone being the 7th major HTC flagship, and Gordon says that the “Mx” naming convention “soon came to represent the very best HTC can put in a smartphone.” And it appears that with the HTC One M9, the company is embracing the name even more. HTC previously used parentheses around the “Mx” part of the name, and now they’ve been ditched completely.

Now you know…

Be sure to check out our first impressions video for the full rundown on the One M9, and if you want to check out the company’s keynote yourself, you can do that as well.

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