Motorola has announced today that it is holding an event on July 28th. And yes, this all but surely means that we’ll be seeing the much-rumored 2015 Moto X and 2015 Moto G, and maybe even the next Moto 360 as well…

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Motorola is being rather unspecific this time around, especially compared to last year’s event where the company’s tease literally showed a Moto X, a Moto G, a smartwatch, and an earpiece. The company announced both phones, Moto 360 availability, and the Moto Hint.

That said, the company’s announcement page seems to suggest the obvious: This is going to be a phone event. “Yes. We’re in a relationship with our phone,” the company says. “A better mobile relationship is on its way.”

The company has invited certain members of the press — 9to5Google included — to an event being held in three cities across the world, but those unable to attend that event have the option of watching a livestream set to happen on July 28th at 9 AM ET.

We’ll be at the event, and some hands-on and reviews of Motorola’s next handsets will likely soon follow.

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