I think Samsung saw OnePlus do something unique for its recent product announcement and said, “We can do something like that too!”

If you haven’t already noticed, technology sites across the web have been blanketed in advertisements promoting Samsung’s Unpacked product event where it just unveiled the much-anticipated (and much leaked) Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. But there’s something unique happening here.

These advertisements have the Unpacked livestream embedded within themselves. Yes, no tricks here — it’s the actual YouTube stream, 100% in-sync and all. It does end after about 30 seconds, though, and directs you to continue on YouTube or Samsung’s website.

These unique banner ads are also similar to OnePlus’s VR-based product unveiling (read: shenanigans) in that they’re pretty annoying and unnecessary. Nobody likes banner ads as-is, but autoplaying video ads incite an even different level of rage. Even better is that sites like ours already had the stream embedded in posts.

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