Samsung has announced that its mobile wallet service Samsung Pay has been used for more than $30M worth of transactions in its first month in the company’s home market of Korea. The company says that the number “has been beyond our expectations.”

Samsung devices are hugely popular within Korea, and the WSJ notes that the “launch was boosted by a massive advertising campaign,” so this doesn’t necessarily suggest that it will see achieve similar take-up in the U.S. when it launches on Monday – especially given the limited number of Samsung devices that support it … 


You will only be able to use Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S6/Edge/Edge+, Galaxy Note 5 and Gear S2 watch – though the company says it will “gradually expand” to non-flagship models. The company has been running a small-scale beta program in the U.S. for the past month, but has not revealed any data from this.

Putting the number into perspective is also difficult as rival mobile payment service Apple Pay has not revealed any actual transaction data. We have, though, had a few clues, including CEO Tim Cook’s statement earlier this year that Apple Pay was responsible for two-thirds of all contactless spending in the USA,

Samsung says that it plans to bring the service to the UK, Spain and China “soon.”

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