Samsung Pay Stories January 14

Samsung Pay is done with MST now that Galaxy S21 series drops the feature

Mobile payments have become a really useful tool, but they’re still not accepted everywhere. Samsung broke that rule with its clever MST tech that could emulate a traditional card, but with the Galaxy S21, Samsung is done with MST for payments.

Samsung Pay Stories May 27, 2020

‘Samsung Money’ adds a physical debit card to Pay w/ account, more [Updated]

Samsung Pay is pretty sweet. Using a combination of NFC and MST you can pay with your phone at just about every store and, in turn, leave your wallet behind. Now, though, Samsung has announced that it’s adding a physical debit card to Samsung Pay in the form of “Samsung Money by SoFi.”

Samsung Pay Stories March 18, 2020

Samsung Pay dark theme appears to be rolling out now

After complaints from users for some time, Samsung Pay looks as though it is gaining a dedicated dark theme, thanks to its latest app update.

Samsung Pay Stories February 7, 2019

Atom Tickets adds Google Pay, Samsung Pay support for buying tickets, uses ‘Save to Google Pay’

If you’re an Atom Tickets user, buying tickets for your next theater outing is about to get a whole lot easier. The popular service has announced today that it is adding support for both Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay Stories January 14, 2019

Samsung Pay is causing major battery drain on some devices

Samsung Pay is causing some severe battery drain on some Samsung devices, with some users claiming battery usage as high as 60% in some cases. Samsung is yet to acknowledge these Samsung Pay issues officially.

Samsung Pay Stories May 4, 2018

Samsung Pay adds cash back program w/ exclusive offers on select purchases

Samsung Pay is a great way to pay using nothing but your phone, especially thanks to the MST technology that makes it possible to pay even without an NFC terminal. This week, Samsung is adding a new feature to Samsung Pay which rewards users for using the service…

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