We’re here at the Lincoln Center Walter Reade Theater to cover what has been rumored for quite some time and announced just last night...


— We’re starting with the LTE Urbane v2. This is the product I’m really excited about. But it sounds like this is just a preview.


— Now with a V10 movie. This whole thing is a little movie centric. Lots of time spendt on making these videos clearly.

— Kinda feeling like we’re hear to watch a long commercial at this point TBH.

20151001_112502_HDR— Introducing the LG V10….

  • Military construction and drop resistance
  • More expensive, tougher Stainless Steel
  • Launches in white, black and opal blue  in US (Korea Oct. 8th).


— Talking with Levitt about Hit Record

20151001_113755_HDR 20151001_113823_HDR

— OK, trial time. Looking for LTE Watch Urbane 2nd Edition! :D

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