The latest beta of the Google app adds a share icon to Now On Tap that doubles as a quick way to take and share screenshots of your current screen. While Now on Tap hasn’t been the most useful feature yet, most people will find this to be a very practical and nifty trick.

Version started rolling out last night to people in the beta channel of the Google app. However, just having the APK doesn’t bring up the share icon for everybody. It seems to be rolled out server side and at that rather intermittently. After I updated to the beta app last night I had the share feature, but as of this morning it is gone for me.

Screenshots shared this way removes information like the time and cellular signal from the top bar and gets rid of the onscreen buttons. It’s much quicker and more convenient than pressing the lesser known and somewhat tricky power+volume down button combination. Note that the images are not saved automatically to a folder and are gone after you share them.

To join the beta channel of the Google app and get new features first, sign up here.

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