Yesterday, a patent revealed that Samsung might be planning an ‘always on’ display feature for its next flagship, the Galaxy S7. While Samsung hasn’t passed comment on those rumors yet, LG was quick to respond by confirming that its next high-end G-series smartphone will have an ‘always on’ feature.

In a post on its official Facebook page, LG teased the feature with a short animated GIF. Sadly, the phone’s design isn’t revealed, at least, not in any great detail. Saying that, the bright highlighting around the silhouette might hint at the all-metal frame we’ve seen rumored before. Also, it seems to have much rounder corners than previous flagship G-series handsets.

All that aside, it’s the ‘always on’ feature itself we’re meant to find most interesting. In LG’s case, it appears the company is preparing to use it as a feature to constantly show the time as well as displaying a small app icon for any missed notifications. In many ways, it reminds me of the Motorola software feature, which shows similar information on the display when it detects motion.

Presumably, both Samsung and LG have found away to include the feature without draining considerable battery life. Given that both devices could conceivably use an AMOLED display, and that most pixels will be switched off in the process, that’s not a stretch to believe. With Marshmallow’s battery saving capabilities, this is an ideal feature to include. I just hope it’s not so bright that it keeps me up in the night.


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