At its inaugural Android Developer Summit in November, Google announced a new version of its app development IDE that features a new emulator, ‘Instant Run’, and more for developers. After several previews, Android Studio 2.0 has finally been released to the stable channel.

With Instant Run, developers can see changes they make to their app’s code reflected near instantaneously on their device or in an emulator. Additionally, a brand new emulator has a refreshed interface that supports multi-touch gestures and new rotation controls. Google touts that the emulator runs 3x faster than the previous version and even some real devices.

With Cloud Test Lab integration, developers can test their app virtually on a wide range of physical devices right from Android Studio. Other features include the ability to build in App Indexing which promotes visibility in Search. Developers can now test and validate URL links from within the IDE.

After upgrading, developers should upgrade their current project to use Instant Run and create a new Android Virtual Device to gain the benefits of the faster emulator. New projects started in version 2.0 will have Instant Run turned on by default. Google says they’re already working on the next release. Along with the Android N Developer Preview, they released Android Studio 2.1 that supports developing for the upcoming OS version.

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