moto 360 sport

Yesterday we told you that the Nexus 9 was abruptly pulled from the Google Store, and now the Mountain View company has pulled another device from sale. The Moto 360 Sport, which we recently reviewed and has only been on the Google Store for a few months, is now listed as “Not available”…

This seems like an abrupt end to a pretty nice product. I liked the watch (still do), and while it may not have the mass appeal of its standard Moto 360 brethren, the Sport was a nice option to have for those with more active lifestyles.

If you want to grab the watch, though, it’s still available at a variety of outlets. You can grab a couple variants from Amazon for as low as $200, and the more popular all-black model is just $220 at the time of this writing. These are way better prices than Google was offering on the Google Store anyway, so its removal today probably doesn’t make much difference in the end.

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