If you’re fond of purchasing new apps, movies and music on your Android smartphone, you might be interested in a less-than-well-known app from Google called Opinion Rewards. You’re obviously not going to get rich quick, but it’s a great way to earn small amounts of Google Play Credit a quarter at a time by answering quick 2-5 question surveys. Today, Google has expanded the app to three new countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden…

The new country support comes in an update to the app via the Play Store:


  • Now available in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

I’ve been using Opinion Rewards for the last several weeks just as an experiment, and I’ve found that it provides me with a new survey just about every morning. I do this survey first thing every morning (earning somewhere in the realm of $0.10 to $0.30), and so far I’ve earned somewhere around $10. For me, there aren’t many apps to buy, but it’s nice to use this credit for movies.

Head over to the Play Store to grab the new version (or try the app for yourself if you haven’t before!).

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