Google Search is, undoubtedly, the single most important thing within Google, be it popularity-wise or financially speaking. And Search got smarter and smarter throughout the years, with the introduction of things like the Knowledge Graph — which, as of this week, incorporates songs’ lyrics, too — and indeed voice input.

But there are just so many things you can ask (and ways to do so) that knowing them all would be close to impossible. However, devloper Kristijan Ristovski (Kitze) may have come up with a handy solution…

Bored with the fact that these lists are constantly being updated (by Google and others), he decided to make an all-encompassing one of his own.

This is a list of commands that you can ask Google’s voice assistant.

Annoyed by the fact that every once in a while a new “complete list of google now commands” appears online, i decided to create this project.

After few days of research i found an extensive list of over 150 commands and 1000+ variations. I’ll try to keep it up to date, and in v2 i’ll add an easy way for the community to contribute.

The project will be open sourced soon, but if you find any bugs or issues feel free to report them on GitHub right now.

To see it, you will simply have to go to the aptly-named website, whose incredibly minimalist and focused UI will first present you with a sleek, Material Design-esque animation, and then give you a comprehensive, categorized idea of the kind of things you can ask Google (on the dedicated app on iOS and Android, which of course has the feature embedded system-wise too) and have a vocal response.

It’s also cool to see that hovering over (or tapping on) the highlighted hotwords will show you different results, so to give you and even better understanding of the numerous variables Google is capable of handling. Did you know that each actor has a bacon number?

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