After revealing the Android N Developer Preview back in early March, it seems we’re now getting ever closer to the public release. The final preview is here, developers are updating their apps, and OEMs are hard at work getting updates prepared for devices. That said, we haven’t heard much from Google or from leaks regarding the date of the public release until now.

Today, leakster Evan Blass says that we should be expecting the update “next month”.

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While he didn’t reveal an official date, Blass did confirm that the release would be coming in August alongside the August 5th security patch. Does that mean we’ll see the update early in the month? Probably not. Seeing that the final developer preview released on the 18th, it’s more likely we’ll see it come towards the middle of the month.

Along with that, Blass also confirmed that the Nexus 5 would not see an update to Nougat, not that that should be surprising. The original Nexus 5 is well out of it’s 18-month update window, so despite hoping that it might see the update, no one truly expected Google to actually do it. There’s no doubt however that the Nexus 5 will live on through the talent of ROM developers.

Google traditionally releases new Nexus devices alongside a major Android update, however with the early launch of Nougat this year it’s unclear if we will see the rumored HTC Nexus devices launch at the same time. We’ll just have to wait and see on that front.

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