Holidays Google Duo

The holiday season is upon us, and to celebrate, Google wanted to share some joy with the help of their video chat application, Duo. In the video, unsuspecting kids visiting the Made by Google pop-up store in NYC receive a video call from good ol’ Saint Nick…

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Google Duo is a very simple to use one-to-one video chatting application that works across Android and iOS. One of its best features is something called knock knock. This allows the receiver to see a live video preview of the caller before they even answer their phone.

In this Duo video, Google uses knock knock to surprise children as they get to see that Santa Claus is really calling them. Then, with a little help from one of Santa’s helpers, the kids are able to answer the call and discuss their placement on the naughty or nice list. The rest of the video from that point on is just a cuteness overload. See for yourself in the embedded video below.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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