I may live a paperless life myself, but not everyone does. If you’re someone who prefers physical reminders of things you need to do, the Mangoslab Nemonic may be for you: it’s a small thermal printer that can print anything on your Android phone onto a sticky note.


Thermal printers have the benefit of being mess-free and not requiring any ink cartridges, but their downside is that you can only print onto special paper – which in this case will be unique to the Nemonic.

The Nemonic is a white cube, and is also available with a range of pastel-colored tops. The size of the printer is similar to a stack of large Post-It notes.

A companion app allows you to make sketches and take notes, but you can also import other content like photos. The printer is expected to retail at around $120 when it goes on sale later this year. Pricing hasn’t yet been announced for the sticky note supplies.

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