CES 2017 January 9, 2017


Nvidia’s Shield TV has been one of the best Android TV devices in recent memory and at CES 2017 it has gotten a massive update. It has new hardware, an updated OS with built-in Google Assistant, and an amazing new accessory that all turns it into the technology of our dreams.

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CES 2017 January 7, 2017

New NVIDIA Shield TV

One thing that the Google Assistant has that puts other voice assistants to shame is the fact that you can have a contextual conversation with it. With information from previous questions or commands, Assistant can make the conversation feel more natural, but it’s not perfect, especially on certain devices. It looks like the Nvidia Shield will have a leg up on some other Assistant-supported devices, however.

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If you’ve been following our coverage this week, you know that CES 2017 has already brought the introduction of countless new phones, laptops, accessories, and more. In the Google realm, that means we’ve seen plenty of new Android phones, Chromebooks, wearables, and more.

But CES is always a matter of finding the diamonds in the rough. There are always some impressive announcements, but the vast majority of things we’ve seen this week have been either mundane or old news. That’s why we’ve done the work for you.

Follow after the break to get a peek at our picks for the best Android, Chrome and Google-related products that debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show…

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CES 2017 January 6, 2017

ZTE Hawkeye

ZTE took to the stage at CES 2017 to announce two new devices coming to the US market. The first is a phone we’ve seen previously released in Asia, Europe, and Mexico and that is the Blade V8 Pro. The second is a device that ZTE crowdsourced called the Hawkeye. Both devices are fairly inexpensive and come unlocked — but are either of them worth your time?

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Update 1/9: TP-Link has reached out to clarify that Google Home integration is expected in Q2 of 2017, not February.

Google Home’s portfolio of supported products has slowly been growing since its release, but several major players still aren’t supported. That’s soon to change, though, with the addition of Actions on Google. Today at CES 2017, we were able to confirm that TP-Link products will be supported by Google Home in the coming weeks, and got a chance to see them in action…

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CES 2017 hasn’t had a ton of exciting announcements in the arena of Android Wear, but one of two big reveals is New Balance’s long-awaited Android Wear smartwatch, the RunIQ.

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