Over the past several months Google has been updating its sign-in pages on mobile devices to a new, cleaner version, incorporating elements of material design. However, this change didn’t make its way to the web, at least not for everyone. Now, though, it seems that Google is getting ready to roll out the new UI in a big way.

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Via Google’s support forums, the company recently revealed that a redesign to the sign-in page on the web will be updating to a new look, which is a lot like what is in place on mobile devices. That’s to say it features elements of material design and an overall cleaner look. Along with that, the new design is also responsive, allowing it to format better on a variety of screen sizes.

The functionality won’t be changed at all, just the visuals. Users will still need to enter their email address first, followed by their password and, if enabled, two-step authentication. A Google product manager tells VentureBeat that this new UI will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so don’t panic if your sign-in page suddenly looks different. The company is also showing a small notification on the current sign-in page to notify users of the coming change.

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