Following the undoubted success of its latest OnePlus 3 — and, more recently, 3T — devices, OnePlus has broken the silence regarding its phone lineup’s next installment, which has been confirmed to debut this summer under the “OnePlus 5” moniker…

Exclusively confirming the news to The Verge, the Chinese firm remained hesitant in giving any further detail. If you were wondering, “tetraphobia” (the fear of the number four) is a thing in China and other parts of Asia, which is why the company is skipping the name “OnePlus 4” altogether.

Technically, in any case, if you consider that the 3T was the fourth flagship device created by OnePlus (without counting the one-off OnePlus X, that is), calling this year’s flagship OnePlus 5 still makes sense, although that apparently wasn’t the firm’s motivation really. What did factor in is its apparent love for the number five jersey of former NBA player Robert Horry, who many employees admire.

We have our doubts and fears regarding OnePlus’ new entry, but its recent positive track as well as the information circulating around the 5’s spec-sheet are certainly a good reason to stay bullish. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

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