Back in early May, a widespread phishing scam started to spread among Gmail users. The email, which looked realistic to many users, had people grant OAuth access to a web application that was pretending to be Docs. Google quickly killed the web application, but it showed that the company needed to take additional steps to help protect its customers…

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Today, Google announced on its blog that it will soon give G Suite customers the ability to whitelist specific OAuth applications. What this means is that the administrator of a company can now explicitly state which third-party web apps users can and cannot access.

This is just another step that Google is taking to help protect customers and their data. By giving G Suite admins this power, they don’t need to worry about a malicious application taking control of an employee’s Google account, stealing valuable company data, and spreading the attack to more people.

G Suite customers should see this new feature roll out to their Admin console in the next couple of days. Google has created a tutorial to help customers learn how to whitelist specific OAuth applications which can be found here.

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