Google’s Inbox app is a fantastic way to keep track of your emails, but it does lack quite a few core features from Google’s standard Gmail application. Now, Google is quietly adding a new view to Inbox for Android which lets users see all of their email accounts in a single view.

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Sometimes it’s great to keep your accounts separate, but when the goal is achieving “inbox zero,” combining them is a sensible option.

Just like in the Gmail app on Android, accessing this view on Inbox for Android is done through the sidebar. Inbox’s UI for messages is clearly present here, but some of the app’s major features are gone. None of the sorting or categories are available, so you’re stuck with pretty basic functionality here (via Android Police).

It seems as though Google quietly flipped the switch on this feature in the past couple of days, so it should be live for you as long as you have the latest version installed from the Play Store.

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