Google Assistant’s features are definitely fragmented throughout its various platforms. Home can do one thing, Android Wear can’t. Android phones can do one thing, Android TV can’t — you get the picture. Recently, Google finally flipped the switch on one of Home’s best features to enable it on phones — Chromecast integration.

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Google Home has been able to talk with nearby Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices since it launched, and the number of services it integrates with is only growing too. It’s a very useful feature that really plays to the strengths of the Chromecast platform, but it’s been unfortunate that it couldn’t be used by Android devices.

Thankfully, Google has changed its mind (via Android Police) and extended this feature to phones as well. Simply trigger Assistant on your device and use a command like “Play The Office on Chromecast” or “Play Spotify on Chromecast” and it will finally perform the desired action. Do keep in mind that you’ll need to tailor your commands for specific songs, shows, services, and most importantly devices.

Along with the ability to start or stop media, you can also control volume, pause, and do anything else you’ve been able to do with Home for the past year.

This functionality should be live now for most users, but do keep in mind that Google likes to roll out these sort of updates pretty slowly.

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