For years Android users have used rooting their phones as a method of unlocking their full potential. A popular app that went along with root was SuperSU. Now, ages after its debut, the app has been removed from Google Play.

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It’s unclear exactly when SuperSU was removed from the Play Store or for what reasons, but it’s certainly a loss to the root community. SuperSU was developed by Chainfire who ended his involvement in its development a couple of years after selling it to CCMT. He previously mentioned that CCMT planned to continue development on the application.

As Android Police points out, there hasn’t been much activity on SuperSU’s social accounts, and the latest version of the app dates back to January of this year. It’s possible that the app was automatically removed by Google for not being updated with COPPA compliance, but it’s just as likely that CCMT decided to pull the plug on the app after a lack of development.

For root users, it’s certainly a shame, but Magisk has turned into a popular replacement for many.

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