Updates are not easy in the Android ecosystem because of a plethora of vastly different hardware. However, in Google’s collection of Pixel devices, updates are available from day one. Interestingly, though, it’s been confirmed recently that over 75% of Google Pixel owners are on Android Pie, with others on previous releases.

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Rick Osterloh tweeted late last week, in response to recent reports about iOS 12 adoption rates, that over 75% of Pixel owners are on Android Pie, with more updating daily. Obviously, that’s not a huge number of people, but there are a few ways to take this statistic. For one, 75% on the latest OS is a pretty good number when you look at Android as a whole.

However, considering the Pixel is a pretty common phone among Android enthusiasts, it seems strange that this number isn’t closing to 100%. Why the gap? There are a few reasons why someone might stick with a previous version of the operating system. They may prefer a different design aesthetic, don’t like certain features or changes, or simply haven’t had a chance to update yet. I know I’ve personally run into a couple of people who have a Pixel 2 but haven’t updated to Pie because of Google’s various design changes.

More than likely if you’re in our audience, you’ve probably updated to Pie on your Pixel or Pixel 2. For those who haven’t, I’d love to hear you sound off in the comments why not. On top of that, there’s also an interesting question lying here regarding the people who own Pixels. Due to how Google markets these phones, they aren’t just owned by enthusiasts. “Normals” have them too, and they make up a pretty big portion of buyers. So, for those users who probably aren’t reading this post, vote in the polls below regarding someone you know with a Pixel device, and let’s discuss further in the comments!

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