As the name suggests, Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to control another computer or have a trusted user access yours to render help. With Chrome 75’s launch yesterday, Google announced that Chrome Remote Desktop is exiting beta and now available on the web.

The primary way you interact with Chrome Remote Desktop is now through a straightforward website. Under “Remote Access,” those in need of assistance can set up the tool and generate the “access code” that will be used by the helper to log in.

Those providing help can visit the “Remote Support” tab to enter that code, and proceed to interact with another person’s computer in a browser window.

In the past, both parties had to download a Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store to initiate the process. It required interacting with a very old interface, with the current alternative much more direct and modern. This new web portal does not replace the “Chrome Remote Desktop Host” app for Mac or Windows to setup remote access. It just takes away another layer of abstraction to get help or aid others.

The old Chrome app today features a banner that encourages users to switch to the website, which has new features like improved support for multiple monitors. This website joins apps for Android and iOS that let you access a desktop computer while mobile

Google will end support for Chrome Remote Desktop app on June 30th.

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