360 degree video Stories June 22, 2016

Samsung is renaming its Milk VR service and turning it into an “end-to-end VR ecosystem” where users can upload their 360-degree videos. The revamped service was announced alongside a Samsung Creators program that teaches how to shoot and work with VR.

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360 degree video Stories May 19, 2016

Google has announced today that it is working with Yi Technology to build a 360-degree circular Jump camera rig from its 4K Action Cam, which will launch later this year. On top of that, it has also revealed a new collaborative partnership with IMAX to develop more high-end commercial film production-quality cameras. In other words: Google’s getting very serious about VR (as if we didn’t know that already).

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360 degree video Stories April 18, 2016

Announced last year, YouTube’s 360-degree videos are one of the easiest source of content for VR headsets, like Cardboard. Today, Google is announcing support for live 360-degree video streaming, as well as support for spatial audio.

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360 degree video Stories February 21, 2016

For most people, Google Map Street Views are their first interaction with 360 degree images. As people have begun to associate other 360 degree content as Street Views, Google will be taking advantage of the recognition. At today’s LG G5 event, Google announced that from now on shared Street Views will be stored in high quality for free.

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360 degree video Stories February 2, 2016

According to a report from BuzzFeed, YouTube is developing a new 360-degree live video service. ‘Multiple sources’ informed the publication that the Alphabet-owned video streaming company is looking to expand its existing lineup of 360-degree and VR content by enabling live broadcasting.

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360 degree video Stories December 7, 2015

Google has found all kinds of uses for its 360-degree images and video since launching it. Now that YouTube supports VR and Google Cardboard as standard, it’s ramping up its efforts to make it more relevant to the every day viewer.

One such effort is its ‘Inside The Game’ video, featuring a behind the scenes look at New England Patriots’ pre-game practicing. But the NFL team isn’t the only one to get in on the VR game, Stanford’s college football team has made a similar video experience, and even offered Cardboard headsets to those in the press-box for its weekend game…

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