Gear VR Stories August 28, 2018

How to request a free adapter to use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a Gear VR headset

Samsung’s Gear VR system has been around for quite a while at this point, but Samsung was pretty quiet about it surrounding the launch of the Galaxy Note 9. Now, though, we’ve finally got details on how the Note 9 will work with VR, so here’s how to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a Gear VR headset.

Gear VR Stories April 3, 2017

Mobile VR is one of the most accessible ways for people to use virtual reality thanks to the low cost of getting started with the platform. Instead of needing a high-performance computer, people can simply use their smartphones. The question, though, is if you have actually used mobile VR beyond a little playing around…

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Gear VR Stories March 29, 2017

Just like Harman (and, more specifically, AKG) are helping Samsung to step up its audio game, Oculus is the firm’s partner of choice when it comes to VR.

Together, they are today announcing a “renewed” version of the Gear VR headset, which comes with a cool new controller…

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Gear VR Stories February 26, 2017

Samsung and Oculus add a controller, improved lenses to the new Gear VR

As rumored, Samsung and Oculus have announced an updated version of their Gear VR headset at MWC today. The notable highlights are lens optimizations and the addition of a motion and touch controller, much like Google Daydream, for easier game interactions.

Gear VR Stories August 12, 2016

Gear VR_14

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Korean company also showed the world the next step for its Gear VR line. Most notably, the redesigned Samsung Gear VR comes in black with a USB-C port (instead of the older microUSB) to support the new Note 7, and a wider field of view — all for $99. Now, you can pre-order the headset on Amazon

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Gear VR Stories June 22, 2016

gear 360

Samsung is renaming its Milk VR service and turning it into an “end-to-end VR ecosystem” where users can upload their 360-degree videos. The revamped service was announced alongside a Samsung Creators program that teaches how to shoot and work with VR.

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