barnes and noble Stories December 3, 2018

Barnes and Noble’s 7-inch Nook Android tablet now includes 16GB of storage for $49

There aren’t really all that many good Android tablets, but the OS is commonly used for cheap slates. Two years after it first debuted, the 7-inch Nook tablet is now getting a much-needed storage upgrade.

barnes and noble Stories January 13, 2017


Update: According to B&N, there have been three cases of the power adapter included with the Nook breaking apart while in a socker. More information will be provided as the company works with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on a public product recall. The full statement is below.

We reported in December that Barnes & Noble’s $50 Nook Tablet was infected with malware that could transmit private information to China. At the time, the company denied that any data was being sent and that a future update would completely remove the software.

Now, less than two months after going on sale, the 7-inch tablet is no longer available online or in-stores, with one B&N employee alleging that the company is undertaking an internal “recall” of the product with no official reason stated.

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barnes and noble Stories September 3, 2015

Following the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 a couple of months ago, it appears that the Korean company has now partnered with Barnes & Noble to launch a “NOOK” variant of the device. While the standard S2 comes in both 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch screen sizes, the S2 NOOK embraces the 8-inch variant and packs plenty of Barnes & Noble software on top… expand full story

barnes and noble Stories December 22, 2011

As the production of the iPad 2 winds down, 7-inch panels are seeing a sales boost, reported trade publication DigiTimes. The sales boost of 7-inch panels is so high that they have passed the 9.7-inch panels for the first time in November. The 7-inch panels power popular tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire that is selling like crazy and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. They are both a very cheap buy for consumers this holiday season.

Earlier in the week, DigiTimes also reported that sources told them Apple was going to begin the production of a 7-inch tablet in the second quarter next year, for release in the fourth quarter. We doubt the 7-inch sales boost is due to any Apple orders just yet, even if the report is true. The 9.7-inch panel sales will most likely go up has Apple prepares for the launch of the iPad 3 that is rumored to hit in the Spring.

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