BBC iPlayer Stories October 16, 2020

The new Chromecast arrives with support for native apps, but some users in the UK took note that the device seemed to lack support for the popular BBC iPlayer. Ahead of the launch next week, though, it seems Chromecast with Google TV is getting official BBC iPlayer support.

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BBC iPlayer Stories April 15, 2014

BBC iPlayer adds ability to download videos on any device running Android 4.0 or higher

The BBC iPlayer app on Android received a major update last September when it added the ability to download full episodes of shows and save them for up to 30 days. The downside to that feature, however, was that it was only supported on a mere 11 devices approved by the developers. This afternoon, the iPlayer app was finally updated with support for downloading videos on any device running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

The functionality itself still works the same. The videos you save will automatically be deleted seven days after you first view it, or 30 days after the initial download. You can also only download content over WiFi and you have the ability to choose either high-quality video or standard.

The update is available on the Play Store now, but unfortunately, the BBC iPlayer app is still exclusive to UK users. Those of us in other countries will have to find another source for our British content.

BBC iPlayer Stories March 19, 2014



If you’re in the UK and plan to finally get your hands on a Chromecast, the good news is that the existing BBC iPlayer Android app is already compatible with the device, reports iMore.

It may take a minute or so, or even a relaunch of the app to kick it into gear. When it’s ready to go you’ll see the standard Chromecast logo along top of the app. To cast your content you need to first connect the app by tapping on the Chromecast logo and selecting which you want to pair to. After that just go ahead and choose what you want to watch and let it do the rest …  expand full story

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