Chrome 65 Stories February 8

Chrome 65 beta prevents more malicious redirects w/ improved pop-up blocker

Following the rollout of version 64 to Android, as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux and Chrome OS, Chrome 65 is now available on the beta channel. On the security front, users should benefit from an improved pop-up blocker that counters more types of malicious redirects, while developers have access to a number of new APIs.

Chrome 65 Stories February 7

Chrome OS will soon support display scaling for external monitors

Google’s Chrome OS has grown up a lot in the past several years, but it still has a lot of work to do to catch up with more mature operating systems. In many cases, it comes down to the little settings you don’t use on a daily basis, but Google is certainly getting around to those…

Chrome 65 Stories December 26, 2017

Chrome for Android gets a redesigned video player, tap to rewind/fast forward feature

Generally speaking, most of us tend to stick to the official YouTube app when it comes to streaming content on mobile, but there are instances when it’s convenient to watch a YouTube video within the Chrome browser. Recently, Google has quietly added a new feature to that experience, as well as giving it a brand new look.

Chrome 65 Stories December 6, 2017

Rolling out today, version 63 of Google Chrome includes a number security enhancements for enterprise users. Site Isolation allows pages to be rendered in a separate process, while TLS 1.3 is now enabled on Gmail. Google also announced other upcoming security features for the year ahead.

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Chrome 65 Stories November 8, 2017

In recent versions, Chrome has implmented various measures to increase security and ensure a good user experience, like preventing content from autoplaying. The latest defends against malicious redirect behavior and will be rolling out in the coming months.

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