GDPR Stories February 20, 2020

Google shifting UK user data to US, ditching GDPR protection in the process

GDPR has had a huge effect on how internet services work in the European Union, but following Brexit, Google may make some changes to how UK data is handled. A report from Reuters reveals that Google is preparing to shift data from UK users to be under US jurisdiction.

GDPR Stories August 1, 2019

Google is under investigation by Germany for possibly breaking GDPR requirements following reports of the company using humans to quality check recordings of private voice queries to the Assistant. While the investigation is underway, Google will reportedly cease listening to recordings from EU customers.

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GDPR Stories January 21, 2019

With the General Data Protection Regulation, Europe set out to unify privacy regulation and “ensure consistency of regulatory decisions for companies and EU citizens.” Google today was fined by France’s privacy regulator over the “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding the ads personalization.”

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GDPR Stories December 12, 2018

Google updates privacy policy and ToS to name new ‘service provider’ & ‘data controller’ for GDPR

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation came into effect earlier this year and for the most part, big companies have been able to adapt to the new continent-wide privacy standards. Google is updating its privacy policy early next year to further GDPR compliance.

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