Google Europe Stories December 12, 2018

Google updates privacy policy and ToS to name new ‘service provider’ & ‘data controller’ for GDPR

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation came into effect earlier this year and for the most part, big companies have been able to adapt to the new continent-wide privacy standards. Google is updating its privacy policy early next year to further GDPR compliance.

Google Europe Stories November 22, 2018

As emphasized in recent years, securing elections from voter misinformation is a huge challenge. Google is setting out to brings tools it already introduced around the world to Europe ahead of parliamentary elections in 2019. This includes educating voters in Search, make ads more transparent, and offering security training.

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Google Europe Stories November 19, 2018

In recent weeks, the European Union’s Copyright Directive has come under immense online scrutiny, with Article 13 possibly resulting in YouTube blocking some videos in the continent. However, Article 11 — dubbed a “link tax” — has potentially equal ramifications, with Google News possibly shutting down as a result.

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Google Europe Stories January 22, 2016


Google has struck a deal with UK tax authorities to pay £130 million in back taxes. The move comes after a six year investigation by the British government and recent increasing clamp-down on tax avoidance by multinational companies.

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Google Europe Stories February 5, 2014



After more than three years of investigations and negotiations, Google and the European Union anti-trust authorities have finally settled the case in which the company was accused of abusing its dominant position in search.

The tl;dr version of the dispute was that Google search results were giving undue prominence to its own services – such as Google News and Google Shopping – and freezing out rivals. Google was eventually given a deadline of 31st January last year to submit proposals on how it would resolve the problem …  expand full story

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