Google Takeout Stories September 1

You can download Hangouts history via Google Takeout until January 1

The only way to use classic Hangouts today is the website, but that’s set to go away in November. Ahead of that, Google is advising people to download Hangouts history via Takeout “because some of [their] conversations or portions of conversations won’t automatically migrate from Hangouts to Chat.”

Google Takeout Stories August 22

How to set automatic backups for Google Photos

Situations in which you lose all of your precious memories and photos are very rare, although it can happen. In those cases, it’s extremely beneficial to have backups of all of your Google Photo images stored somewhere safe. This guide will take you through creating automatic backups for Google Photos using Google Takeout, so you never have to worry about losing your pictures.

Google Takeout Stories June 29

How to download your Google Hangouts data before it shuts down for good

Google Hangouts has a ticking clock hanging over its head and is set to shut down for good. Fortunately, you can move your Google Hangouts data by downloading it and keeping it safe locally. This guide will take you through exactly how to do that.

Google Takeout Stories March 9

Google today announced “new investments and continued collaboration with industry partners” for the Data Transfer Project (DTP) that it launched in 2018 to make switching to competing services easier. 

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Google Takeout Stories September 21, 2020

Google Takeout has long let users export and download local copies of their data. With the Data Transfer Project, Google made it so that you could directly move an image library to a third-party service. Google Takeout now lets you select specific Photos albums to transfer.

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Google Takeout Stories February 3, 2020

With Google Takeout, you can download your data from Google apps as a backup or for use with another service. Unfortunately, a brief issue with the tool last November saw your videos in Google Photos possibly get exported to strangers’ archives.

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Google Takeout Stories June 30, 2014


Google today in a blog post announced that it is closing down its first attempt at a social network, Orkut. Google says the network will officially bite the dust on September 30th, though starting today, it is no longer possible to create an account for the service. Leading up until September 30th users will be able to make the transition to Google+ or another social network of their choosing. Users will also have the ability to export their profile data, photos, and posts through Google Takeout. The Orkut app will be removed from the Play Store and App Store today.

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