Google Tez Stories August 28, 2018

Google rebrands Tez payment app for India to Google Pay

Late last year, Google announced a new payments app for the Indian market which gave users the ability to transfer funds to nearby users without any special hardware. Since its debut, Tez has seen a lot of popularity, but now it’s being rebranded to fall under Google Pay’s umbrella…

Google Tez Stories February 19, 2018

Google’s Tez service in India adds support for bill payments

Last year, Google launched a specialized payment service for India called Tez that works in physical locations and online. The app is now gaining the ability to make bill payments in a similar, simplified manner.

Google Tez Stories September 18, 2017

Google is no stranger to offering payment services, but its traditional offerings don’t work perfectly in developing regions. Today, the company has unveiled Tez, a new payment app for users in India that can transfer money between two users without any special hardware required.

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