Mobile Payments Stories September 18, 2017

Google is no stranger to offering payment services, but its traditional offerings don’t work perfectly in developing regions. Today, the company has unveiled Tez, a new payment app for users in India that can transfer money between two users without any special hardware required.

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Mobile Payments Stories June 28, 2016


Android Pay has been very slowly making its way around the world and today the service has finally arrived in Asia — or at least for those in Singapore. Users in Singapore are able to download and activate Android Pay on their devices right now as long as their bank is compatible with the service.

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Mobile Payments Stories March 23, 2016

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Update: Speaking to TechWeekEurope, Barclays has indicated it has no plans to support Android Pay in the UK. Instead, it would rather continue with its own apps for contactless payment.

“At this stage we are not planning on participating in Android Pay in the UK,” a spokesperson said. “In January this year we introduced a contactless mobile payment feature to the Barclaycard Android app that allows customers with an Android phone to make contactless payments for £30 and under, and at some retailers for up to £100.”

Recently it was rumored that Android Pay would finally land in the UK, and other international destinations, in March. With this month quickly running out of days, Google has officially announced that its mobile payments service will be launching at some point in the next few months. No specific date has been revealed, but, several banks are already onboard.

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Mobile Payments Stories March 2, 2016


Quietly announced at last year’s I/O, Google is launching a pilot of its Hands Free payment system in the South Bay area of San Francisco. In the past, Square also experimented with a similar type of payment model that required limited user interaction. While Square’s attempt ultimately failed, Google’s scale and previous work with Android Pay might help.

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PSA: Samsung Pay now supports Wells Fargo credit and debit cards

Samsung has been aggressively pushing its mobile payment service that launched last August. With today’s addition of Wells Fargo, Samsung Pay now supports credit and debit cards from 70 banks and credit unions in the United States.

Mobile Payments Stories January 29, 2016

‘White Card’ leak suggests LG Pay mobile payment won’t be smartphone based

A report from ETNews in Korea suggests that LG’s mobile payments service will not be smartphone based. At least, not exclusively. A ‘White Card’ has leaked showing a digital credit-card sized device which will be able to store multiple credit/debit cards’ details and enable a user to pay from any account, using just the single LG Pay card. In essence, it’s LG’s version of the Coin card which launched on KickStarter a couple of years back.

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