Hyperlapse Stories October 22, 2015

Instagram intros Boomerang, a new 1-second video looping app for Android

Instagram is expanding its range of apps further today by introducing a new video-looping service to rival the likes of HTC Zoe and the iPhone’s baked-in Live Photos. Boomerang takes a quick burst of photos in-app, and then turns them in to a moving photo, or video, that loops forward and backward. Don’t call it a GIF though, it’s a Boomerang…

Hyperlapse Stories July 17, 2015

PSA: Microsoft’s ‘Hyperlapse Mobile’ is now out of beta

We told you in May about a new app from Microsoft called “Hyperlapse Mobile” (not to be confused with Instagram’s Hyperlapse), but it was at the time only available to an exclusive set of beta testers. Now, the app is publicly available to any and all that might want to give it a try, and — aside from its horrendous icon — I’m decently impressed.

Not much has changed since it was first introduced, and it’s still a little on the buggy side according to reviews, but overall users — myself included, briefly — are satisfied with the app’s resulting video footage.  You can import existing video into the app, choose between multiple speeds, create selfie hyperlapses, and more.

You can get Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile right now on the Play Store for free.


Hyperlapse Stories May 14, 2015


Timelapse videos are a great way to share experiences like cycle rides, hikes or road-trips, where you want to show all the scenery in a clip short enough that your friends will actually watch. But conventional timelapse video tends to look rather jerky – the problem Microsoft set out to solve with Hyperlapse.

The software is now available for beta-testing on Android, and early indications are that it produces impressive results – as you can see in the sample video above of a walk across London’s Millenium Bridge …  expand full story

Hyperlapse Stories April 10, 2013

Someone at Teehan+Lax may have grown up reading Dr. Seuss as they’ve just created a web service called Hyperlapse, allowing you to create a high-speed Street View animation of any Google Maps route.

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