IKEA Stories April 17, 2018

PSA: Ikea’s assembly service TaskRabbit hacked, password change recommended

If you like Ikea furniture but are less keen on the DIY construction process, TaskRabbit is the company’s subsidiary that will find someone to build it for you. But if you’ve ever registered to use the service, you’ll want to change your password …

IKEA Stories March 20, 2018

Augmented reality has a ton of uses, but one of the most common we’ve seen in the past has been testing out what furniture looks like in a home before actually throwing your money at it. This week, IKEA and Overstock have partnered with Google to use ARCore for this exact purpose on Android devices.

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IKEA Stories May 23, 2017

I love using my Google Home to control smart devices in my home office, but I’ve yet to expand that to the rest of the home due to the cost. Options like LIFX and Philips Hue are undeniably fantastic, but nowhere near affordable. IKEA, maker of the best cheap furniture, is preparing to step into the smart home arena with extremely affordable new bulbs and more, and now, we’re finding out that the products will have Assistant compatibility.

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