ARCore Stories May 11

Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality is available on 1.2 billion Android devices today. At I/O 2022, ARCore is getting foundational improvements to make it work faster and more reliably on the Pixel 6 and in Google Maps Live View. 

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ARCore Stories December 2, 2021

As expected, Google has now officially added the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro plus a further group of devices to the ARCore supported list.

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ARCore Stories October 19, 2021

While Android releases don’t carry a public dessert name any longer, they do have an internal codename that keeps up the tradition. This year’s release is “Snow Cone,” and Google has just released its usual statue for Android 12 alongside the platform’s rollout today on Pixel phones.

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ARCore Stories September 20, 2021

‘Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition’ shows up in Google support doc, pointing to upcoming release

The latest update to an official Google support page makes mention of the Galaxy S21 FE, which has yet to be announced by Samsung.

ARCore Stories June 8, 2021

Augmented reality is a place where Google has made some strides over the years, but not every app or use case has panned out. This week, it’s been revealed that one of the earlier uses of AR from Google, an app simply called “Measure,” is shutting down.

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ARCore Stories May 18, 2021

Until new mass-market form factors arrive, augmented reality today primarily exists on phones. At I/O 2021, Google provided an update on ARCore and released the latest 1.24 capabilities to make possible more immersive experiences. 

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ARCore Stories February 18, 2021

The Mandalorian remains a big hit half-way through its sophomore season. Google has partnered with Lucasfilm on a free Android app to bring iconic and realistic moments to life using AR and 5G.

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ARCore Stories February 9, 2021

Coming as absolutely no surprise, the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series is now officially joining the Google ARCore support list alongside over 20 other devices from various OEMs, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, HTC, and Oppo.

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ARCore Stories December 16, 2020

Google’s ARCore reaches 1 billion install milestone

Augmented reality has become a big proponent of many of Google’s efforts throughout late 2019 and most of 2020, thanks to apps and even Search integrating the 3D experiences. This has clearly been a success as the ARCore, or Google Play Services for the AR “app,” has now reached the 1 billion install milestone on Google’s mobile platform.

ARCore Stories December 10, 2020

Unreleased Nokia 5.4, TCL 10 5G UW, plus more join ARCore support list

Having not yet been officially unveiled, Google’s ARCore support list has inadvertently confirmed that the Nokia 5.4 is coming soon, as well as adding a ton of new devices to its growing supported ranks.

ARCore Stories November 27, 2020

The OnePlus 8T may have been released a little while back but along with a number of other devices including the Nokia 3.4 and Sony Xperia 5 II, it is officially joining the ARCore support list.

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ARCore Stories October 20, 2020

Even though it was expected, the newly released Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, and Note 20 series have officially joined the ARCore support list.

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ARCore Stories October 6, 2020

Google last year previewed persistent Cloud Anchors that can be tied to a specific location and lets information be permanently overlaid over the real world. With ARCore 1.20, it’s officially launching with a number of apps already taking advantage. Meanwhile, Google today showed off Earth Cloud Anchors.

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ARCore Stories August 20, 2020

What Android phones support ‘view in your space’ for Google 3D animals [Updated]

Two key parts make up the life-sized creatures that appear in Google Search. The first lets you see animals in 3D, while the second — and most delightful — is viewing them in your current space with the ability to take pictures. Here’s what iOS and Android devices support Google 3D animals.

ARCore Stories June 25, 2020

Back in December, Google previewed how it could create a depth map for augmented reality using a single camera. The ARCore Depth API is now publicly launching on Android with several third-party apps already taking advantage of the technology.

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ARCore Stories December 23, 2019

Earlier this month, Google AR & VR announced that ARCore phones could detect depth using just a single lens. Object blending is now beginning to roll out in Google Search AR.

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ARCore Stories December 9, 2019

ARCore is Google’s platform for augmented reality available to Android and iOS apps. To allow for more immersive experiences, a new ARCore Depth API allows any compatible phone to create depth maps from a single camera.

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ARCore Stories September 12, 2019

Last year, ARCore gained Cloud Anchors to make possible social and collaborative augmented reality apps. Google is now opening the door for one vision of AR where the technology is used to overlay a virtual layer on top of the real world.

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ARCore Stories August 5, 2019

ARCore is Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality. It was announced in 2017, with Google later deprecating Tango for the current solution that does not require specialized sensors, cameras, or other hardware. Google today renamed the ARCore app on Android to “Google Play Services for AR.”

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ARCore Stories August 1, 2019

Google last year updated the previously Tango-only Measure app to work with ARCore, the company’s platform for mobile augmented reality. The tool leverages AR to record distances, with version 2.2 rolling out a Material Theme revamp of the UI and smarter tools.

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ARCore Stories June 26, 2019

[Update: Galaxy Tab S5e, more] Google ARCore support comes to Sony Xperia 1, Xiaomi Mi 9, Asus Zenfone 6

Google ARCore support has now rolled out to the recently released Sony Xperia 1, the Xiaomi Mi 9, and the Asus Zenfone 6, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of Google’s augmented reality labor.

ARCore Stories June 17, 2019

OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro 5G now support Google ARCore

To be able to try some of the greatest augmented reality experiences available today—like dancing with Childish Gambino or placing a great white shark in your room—you’ll need a device compatible with Google’s ARCore. Google maintains a list of Android and iOS devices that are supported by ARCore, and all of the newest OnePlus devices have been added to this list, including the fantastic OnePlus 7 Pro.

ARCore Stories May 31, 2019

At I/O 2019, Google announced a slew of AR features, including Dining and Translation filters for Google Lens. The ability to preview animals via augmented reality in Google Search is one of the more whimsical additions and it’s now live.

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ARCore Stories May 17, 2019

Sharp’s dual-notch phone and General Mobile GM 9 Plus gain ARCore compatibility

Whether you want to get up close and personal with your favorite Pokémon, dance along with Childish Gambino, or learn more about the human anatomy, ARCore powers some of the best augmented reality experiences available today, on compatible devices. The latest phones to gain ARCore compatibility are the first devices on the list from Sharp and General Mobile.

ARCore Stories April 24, 2019

Childish Gambino AR app exclusive to Coachella 2019 & Pixel 3 now available for Android

Over the past two weekends, Google hosted an art installation at Coachella 2019 with Childish Gambino. Advertising the Pixel 3’s camera prowess, a central part of “Brighter in the Dark” was an AR app from the musician. Leveraging the latest ARCore features, PHAROS AR is available for Android and iOS.

ARCore Stories April 1, 2019

Huawei P30, P30 Pro get added to list of ARCore supported devices

The Google ARCore platform is proving to be a much more widely adopted augmented reality platform than previous efforts.

ARCore Stories March 5, 2019

Google adds ‘Japanese Phrases’ to Playground AR on Google Pixel

Over the past few weeks, Google has been doubling down on the PIxel’s AR Emoji feature. Now, following the Childish Gambino and Valentine’s Day packs, Google has released Japanese Phrases for Playground on Pixel.

ARCore Stories March 4, 2019

At MWC 2019, the Google Android Partner Walk may have been one of the side attractions for attendees in Barcelona. But it was the perfect showcase of Google’s ARCore functionality and how it could help improve our navigation systems of the future. Not only that but simply by collecting pins — both physical and digital — you could potentially earn some neat prizes. expand full story

ARCore Stories February 25, 2019

Nokia 8.1, Motorola One, and Zebra enterprise devices pick up ARCore support

As ARCore grows in adoption and sees fun new functions like Google’s Playground app, it was only a matter of time before more serious uses of the technology began to appear. It seems the time has come, as, among other new devices like the Motorola Moto One, ARCore is picking up support for its first enterprise-specific devices from Zebra.

ARCore Stories February 15, 2019

ARCore gains support for 8 new devices including Moto G7 series and first dual-display phone

Just in time for all the recent excitement around Google’s Playmoji, including Childish Gambino exclusive to Google Pixel phones and yesterday’s Valentines-themed stickers, the underlying ARCore is welcoming eight new phones to the ever-growing device roster, including all four phones in the Moto G7 series and its first dual-display phone.

ARCore is Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality which does not require specialized hardware. As of December, it’s available on 250 million devices and powers features like Playmoji on the Pixel 3. The latest developer release today introduces a new Augmented Faces API and an ARCore Elements app for learning about basic principles.

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ARCore Stories February 14, 2019

Playmoji made a big splash at the Grammys last weekend, and just today Google released a new “Love” pack for Valentine’s Day. Revamped alongside the Pixel 3 last year, these AR stickers might be coming to other Android devices this month.

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ARCore Stories December 18, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note9, Huawei Mate 20 X, more gaining ARCore support in China

Samsung is introducing their three flagship phones to Google’s ARCore in China. ARCore, the basis for Google’s best augmented reality experiences, is normally available to install from the Google Play Store. In China however, the Play Store is not accessible.

ARCore Stories December 7, 2018

Google ARCore now supports 250 million devices as version 1.6 rolls out

Since ARCore 1.2 at I/O 2018, Google has released a number of updates to its platform for mobile augmented reality. ARCore 1.6 today allows for more realistic lighting and screen capture, with the company also sharing that it’s supported on a quarter of a billion devices.

ARCore Stories December 3, 2018

LG’s ultra-limited V30 & V35 Signature Editions, and G7 Fit get ARCore compatibility

Three more devices from LG have gained ARCore compatibility today, including two extremely limited Signature Edition variants of the company’s V30 and V35 phones.

ARCore Stories November 27, 2018

Three more Huawei phones, including Mate 20, added to China’s ARCore compatibility list

Google’s ARCore software powers some of the richest augmented reality experiences available on both Android and iOS today, and the list of compatible devices is growing every month. The list of phones that can use the software in China is completely separate from the otherwise global list. Now, three Huawei phones were added to ARCore’s list of supported devices in China.

ARCore Stories November 9, 2018

[Update: Nokia 8.1 removed] OnePlus 6T, Xperia XZ3, Nokia 8.1 & more receive ARCore support

Google has been pushing for consistency in augmented reality on the Android and Chrome OS platforms. A new class of devices has been added to Google’s master list of ARCore-compatible devices. Included are some of the latest phones including Nokia 8.1, OnePlus 6T, and Sony Xperia XZ3.

ARCore Stories October 11, 2018

Pokémon GO AR+ comes to ARCore Android devices for more realistic gameplay

While the fervor around Pokémon GO has decreased since its 2016 debut, the game still has a solid following and is continuously adding new features. The latest is an enhanced AR+ mode on Android that takes advantage of ARCore for a more realistic experience.

ARCore Stories August 7, 2018

With the new school year almost underway, Google is launching a number of education features across its products. Many were announced earlier this year and are coming out of beta, including a big revamp to Google Classroom, formating updates for Google Docs, and a suite of new AR/VR features.

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ARCore Stories August 6, 2018

Launching exclusively on the Pixel last year, AR Stickers take advantage of ARCore to overlay interactive animations in photos and videos. Version 1.3 is rolling out today and unbundles the default Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Stranger Things sticker packs to make the app significantly smaller.

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ARCore Stories August 2, 2018

Google’s ARCore Measure app picks up UI tweaks, fast copy button in 2.1 update

Back in June, Google updated its previously Tango-only Measure to support all ARCore devices. This convenient utility is picking up some UI tweaks and a quick way to copy heights and lengths in the real-world with an update today.

ARCore Stories June 21, 2018

Before ARCore, Google’s augmented reality efforts were based around Project Tango and devices that required specialized cameras and sensors. That platform had several dozens apps and Google is now making its first-party Measure app compatible with ARCore.

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ARCore Stories May 30, 2018

Following ARCore’s launch in February, Google at I/O 2018 announced version 1.2 of its mobile augmented reality platform. One feature of the new release allows users to share and have collaborative experiences across devices. Google is today releasing a demo app that lets two users, regardless of platform, draw in AR together.

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Beginning with Cardboard, Google has been keen on making virtual experiences, tours, and field trips available to a wide audience. Optimal for budget-conscious schools, Google last year launched Expeditions AR to allow for phone-based exploration. The app is exiting its pilot program and is now available for all Android and iOS users.

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ARCore Stories May 28, 2018

After launching this February, Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality hit version 1.2 and received a number of new features at I/O 2018. Many flagship devices from the top OEMs feature it, but Google is now working with Xiaomi to make it available in China where its services are traditionally blocked.

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ARCore Stories May 15, 2018

Augmented reality technology has gotten much more popular over the past couple of years, and with the arrival of ARCore, it’s gotten a whole lot better on Android. Now, Samsung’s latest flagships finally offer support.

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ARCore Stories May 9, 2018

Google has announced a ton of new stuff this week at I/O 2018, but some of the most interesting announcements have come outside of the main keynote. Yesterday, the company revealed on its blog that it is making some big updates to ARCore.

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A demo game created by Google allows Android and iOS users to shoot each other in augmented reality.

No, it isn’t platform wars getting out of control, but rather a demonstration of a way to allow Android’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit to access the same augmented reality world …

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