ARCore Stories October 6

Google last year previewed persistent Cloud Anchors that can be tied to a specific location and lets information be permanently overlaid over the real world. With ARCore 1.20, it’s officially launching with a number of apps already taking advantage. Meanwhile, Google today showed off Earth Cloud Anchors.

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ARCore Stories August 20

What Android phones support ‘view in your space’ for Google 3D animals [Updated]

Two key parts make up the life-sized creatures that appear in Google Search. The first lets you see animals in 3D, while the second — and most delightful — is viewing them in your current space with the ability to take pictures. Here’s what iOS and Android devices support Google 3D animals.

ARCore Stories June 25

Back in December, Google previewed how it could create a depth map for augmented reality using a single camera. The ARCore Depth API is now publicly launching on Android with several third-party apps already taking advantage of the technology.

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ARCore Stories December 23, 2019

Earlier this month, Google AR & VR announced that ARCore phones could detect depth using just a single lens. Object blending is now beginning to roll out in Google Search AR.

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ARCore Stories December 9, 2019

ARCore is Google’s platform for augmented reality available to Android and iOS apps. To allow for more immersive experiences, a new ARCore Depth API allows any compatible phone to create depth maps from a single camera.

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ARCore Stories September 12, 2019

Last year, ARCore gained Cloud Anchors to make possible social and collaborative augmented reality apps. Google is now opening the door for one vision of AR where the technology is used to overlay a virtual layer on top of the real world.

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