ARCore Stories December 9

ARCore is Google’s platform for augmented reality available to Android and iOS apps. To allow for more immersive experiences, a new ARCore Depth API allows any compatible phone to create depth maps from a single camera.

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ARCore Stories September 12

Last year, ARCore gained Cloud Anchors to make possible social and collaborative augmented reality apps. Google is now opening the door for one vision of AR where the technology is used to overlay a virtual layer on top of the real world.

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ARCore Stories August 5

ARCore is Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality. It was announced in 2017, with Google later deprecating Tango for the current solution that does not require specialized sensors, cameras, or other hardware. Google today renamed the ARCore app on Android to “Google Play Services for AR.”

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ARCore Stories August 1

Google last year updated the previously Tango-only Measure app to work with ARCore, the company’s platform for mobile augmented reality. The tool leverages AR to record distances, with version 2.2 rolling out a Material Theme revamp of the UI and smarter tools.

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ARCore Stories June 26

[Update: Galaxy Tab S5e, more] Google ARCore support comes to Sony Xperia 1, Xiaomi Mi 9, Asus Zenfone 6

Google ARCore support has now rolled out to the recently released Sony Xperia 1, the Xiaomi Mi 9, and the Asus Zenfone 6, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of Google’s augmented reality labor.

ARCore Stories June 17

OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro 5G now support Google ARCore

To be able to try some of the greatest augmented reality experiences available today—like dancing with Childish Gambino or placing a great white shark in your room—you’ll need a device compatible with Google’s ARCore. Google maintains a list of Android and iOS devices that are supported by ARCore, and all of the newest OnePlus devices have been added to this list, including the fantastic OnePlus 7 Pro.

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