MacBook Pro Stories April 30, 2015

9to5Toys Lunch Break: Nexus Player w/ $20 Google Play GC $72, Galaxy Note 4 $420, Beats Tour 2.0 $95, more

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Today’s can’t miss deals:

Get a $20 Google Play credit when you buy a Nexus Player from Amazon: $69.27 shipped (Reg. $100)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GB new Blossom Pink (unlocked): $420 shipped (Reg. $700)

Headphones: Beats Tour 2.0 in-ears $95 (Orig. $150), AIAIAI TMA-1 on-ears $100 (Orig. $250), more

LG G3 w/ free $100 Amazon gift card for $0.01 w/ 2-yr contract or $400 w/o (AT&T)

New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 4G LTE GSM unlocked 7-inch 16GB: $100 shipped (Reg. $200+)

Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone 32GB (unlocked) GSM: $630 shipped (Reg. $899)

Small States Review: Grovemade’s Laptop Stand combines quality craftsmanship & thoughtful design, giveaway

More new gear from today:

Network: Netgear’s best-selling Wi-Fi extender $30 (Reg. $37), TP-LINK AV200 Powerline kit $20 (Reg. $28+)

Games/Apps: Select Star Wars titles for Android/iOS drop to lowest prices ever, more

More deals still alive:


Hulu just paid $180 million for Seinfeld, but this deal on the entire series for $65 is real and it’s spectacular

New products & more:

Give your Android phone a shake to create exciting videos with TomTom’s new Bandit action cam

Patriot’s USB-C Flash Drives are primed for Chromebook Pixel owners

MacBook Pro Stories July 5, 2013

Acer’s C710. A bigger, thicker battery and more RAM (compared to Pixel and Samsung Chrombooks)

I’m an Apple snob – I’ve been using MacBook Pros and Airs almost exclusively for over a decade – in fact, it has gotten so bad that I can barely use or figure out Windows anymore. I often find the experience with anti-viruses, updates and crapware infuriating to the point where I’m no longer curious what happens in the Windows world.

On the other hand, I never have a problem jumping on a Chromebook (or Box) because it is almost exactly like using a browser in a desktop OS.  That makes using Chromebooks quick, easy and productive for me. I liked the cheap, ARM-based Samsungs and loved the decked out Pixel even though I’m still not able to give native apps up entirely (Twitter, Skype, iTunes, etc keep pulling me back). But for a second computer to use as either as a backup or special occasion device or for light computer users, I wholeheartedly recommend Chromebooks.

Acer initially had a bad rep in their Chromebook department because the initial offerings seemed to be repurposed Windows netbooks (and the problems that come along with them – including little RAM, bad battery life, HDDs instead of SSDs and cramped plastic-y keyboards). To be fair, I’m going on a few minutes of use at a Best Buy and a bunch of online reviews for those assumptions.

Last month, I finally got my hands on the updated Acer ‘C710-2055’ version which has a 50% bigger battery pack than earlier models, 4 GB of RAM, and an Intel Celeron 847 processor. The price was also bumped to $279 from $199.

So, $80 later, does Acer have a compelling Chromebook here?

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MacBook Pro Stories March 4, 2013

Long before the Chromebook Pixel was released, I, and surely many other Chromebook users, begged Google to create a high-end laptop that would allow technology professionals to use the Chrome OS to its fullest. To really give it a run against our high-end MacBook Pros and PC workstations, Google would have to throw more than the repurposed netbook hardware that OEMs like Samsung, Acer, HP, and others were giving this operating system.

Google’s Pixel is that high-end machine, but does it stack up where it needs to? First, the good: expand full story

MacBook Pro Stories July 30, 2012

This Apple vs. Samsung trial is turning into a treasure trove of information on the two companies, with the latest bit of information being that Samsung is readying a 11.8-inch Galaxy Tab with an incredible 2,560-by-1, 600 pixel resolution. That is a 30-inch monitor brought down to the size of a netbook display, and it is somewhere between the screens on a retina MacBook Pro and a Retina iPad. This mega-tablet is labeled “P10” on slide 83 of Samsung’s presentation, so it has no one but itself to blame for this premature announcement.

A rough calculation on the size is just slightly bigger than the screen of the smaller MacBook Air. I will admit that I would love to try one of these out. And, before you go blaming Samsung for stealing Apple’s Retina invention, remember that Samsung makes the displays in Apple’s Retina iPad. Therefore, it has just as much right as anyone. As for the look and feel of the Tab, that is for the courts to decide.

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MacBook Pro Stories October 18, 2011

We just got back from the Motorola/Verizon event where the Motorola RAZR was announced. Along with the RAZR, Motorola announced a full line-up of accessories (as seen above). The most notable, as we mentioned on 9to5mac, is the lapdock that looks closely to the MacBook Pro. There are two versions of the Lapdock: the Lapdock 100 and Lapdock 500 Pro (hmm..). The Lapdock 500 pro features a larger 14-inch screen, VGA out, and wider keyboard.

Other accessories include a Bluetooth headset, Universal Travel Charger, Portable Power Pack, Navigation Dock, Wireless Keyboard, and Wireless Keyboard w/ touchpad. For TV connectivity, Motorola has unveiled the HD Station, HD dock, and Smart Controller. What a perfect combo for the living room.

Pre-orders for the RAZR start October 27 for $299 with an expected launch sometime in November. We’ll have a full review up then, and it’s sure to be a good one!

MacBook Pro Stories May 11, 2011

(Cross-posted on

Just sayin’…

It’s a familiar scene. MacBook-toting journalists, bloggers and guests providing Apple with omnipresence and free advertising at rivals’ events, thanks in large part to the glowing Apple logo on the well-designed notebook family. Who knows, this time next year some of these folks might carry around machines with the Google logo on them if there’s any substance to the whispers of subscription-based Chrome OS notebooks. Check out seven additional Apple sightings below the fold and meet us in comments.

Check out the sticker: “My other computer is a data center”. Touche.

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