Minuum, one of the more distinctive third-party keyboards available for Android devices, is coming to Google Glass. The keyboard was shown off this morning in a video of the prototype app running on Glass. The second half of the video, however, is far more exciting.

The keyboard relies on swipes on Glass’ touchpad and the built-in predictive algorithms that power Minuum. As anyone who has used the keyboard on an Android device knows, it isn’t perfect. It is, however, accurate enough for quick messages.

Minuum will have to be approved by Google before it can be widely available to all Explorers. If you’re interested in testing the app on your Glass unit, you can contact the developers at developers@minuum.com.

The second half of the video strays away from features that are currently in development, and instead moves into proof of concept territory. From a ring that can track the movement of your finger, to a keyboard lit up on your arm, the developers of Minuum are thinking big.

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