Monument Valley Stories October 19, 2017

Monument Valley 2 will land on Android November 6th [Video]

Monument Valley was one of the more popular casual games to hit mobile devices in the past few years, so fans were obviously excited to get news of a sequel. While it debuted on iOS to start, the developers promised an Android release at a later date. Now, we finally know when that is.

Monument Valley Stories August 25, 2017

Monument Valley 2 dropping iOS exclusivity, available soon on Android

One of the most popular games to hit mobile in the past few years has been Monument Valley, and fans were excited to see a sequel finally debut earlier this year. Unfortunately, that new game launched exclusively on iOS as part of WWDC, leaving Android users waiting. Now, Monument Valley 2 is finally heading to Android devices.

Monument Valley Stories February 10, 2016

Crowd-support project wants to turn Monument Valley in to official LEGO sets

Monument Valley is undoubtedly one of the best, and most attractive, puzzle games to ever hit the Play Store. Its gorgeous Escher-esque art and smooth, minimalist animation ensures that it’ll almost certainly gain ‘legendary’ status among the mobile gaming community. Now, with the help of a crowd-support project on LEGO Ideas, it could become immortalized in the form of an official LEGO set.

The concept was created by LEGO Ideas user Isometry, and, if you were worried that it’ll just be a static set of aesthetically pleasing geometric structures, your fears are miss-placed. The aim is to make them interactive.

My Lego Ideas project is inspired by the Monument Valley game, and aims to capture the journey through a creative 3-D experience. This set includes four minimalist landscape themes that are modular and interactive; featuring rotating walkways, platforms, pillars, staircases, bridges and water wheels; along with three main characters, Ida, Totem and Crow. It is an original Lego design concept with visually attractive elements that are appealing and intriguing to a wide audience.

The project has 1,590 supporters so far (at time of writing) and has some way to go before LEGO will build it and place it in stores. But, of all the mobile gaming tributes, I can hardly think of one more fitting than a build-able interactive Monument Valley set.

The set concept includes The Garden from chapter II, Labyrinth from chapter VI, Water Palace from chapter IV, Halcyon Court from Appendix IV and three characters; Ida, Totem and the Crow. There are also three illusion stickers to add dimension through illusion of shadows, buttons, doorways and windows.

Unlike most crowd-support sites, LEGO Ideas doesn’t ask members for money. Instead, you offer your official support and fill in a very quick poll on how popular you think it would be if it hit store shelves. Once it gains 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review it and might even launch the sets.

Monument Valley Stories November 10, 2015



The makers of the smart and visually stunning Monument Valley have released their first virtual reality game for Samsung’s Gear VR platform. Land’s End has the same stunning visuals, hypnotic soundtrack, good story, and smart game mechanics that earned its predecessor such high praise.

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