nearby Stories June 9, 2016


One of Google’s approaches to the Internet of Things involves placing low-energy Bluetooth beacons that can communicate with devices. Google is announcing new partners today who have updated Android apps that can talk to beacons placed in stores, museums, and airports.

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nearby Stories March 9, 2016

Chrome 49 for Android arrives w/ improved background sync, new APIs, nearby beacon notifications, & more

Chrome 49 for Android, which introduces improved background sync, new APIs, notifications for nearby smart beacons, and more, is today available to all users through Google’s public, stable release channel.

nearby Stories July 14, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.21.10 AM

Google has just announced a new beacon technology called Eddystone along with APIs that will together make it easier for devices in close proximity to communicate. Essentially, these technologies will make it as easy for devices to communicate as it is to turn to a person next to you and talk in the real world.

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nearby Stories June 6, 2014

Screenshots via Android Police

Google is developing a location-aware “Nearby” feature for Android devices that could alert “people, places, and things” to the presence of nearby users, according to a new claim from Android Police.

According to that site’s sources, the feature—seen in the screenshots above—could potentially be used for location-based alerts like reminders and ads, but could also be viewed as a possible competitor to the iBeacon technology implemented in Apple’s latest version of iOS, which is already becoming quite popular among third-party manufacturers.

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nearby Stories December 17, 2012

Facebook joins the local discovery and sharing game with updated Nearby feature (video)


Facebook just announced an update to Facebook for Android and iOS that helps users discover new places their friends like.

The latest version of the popular app features a refreshed Nearby tab, which, according to a post on the Facebook Newsroom website, now shows recommendations from friends:

From the app menu, open the tab to find local spots your friends have recommended, checked into, or liked. If you’re looking for a place to eat, choose a category like Restaurants to see what’s nearby. When you find a place that looks interesting, tap to see info like friends who’ve been there and business hours.

The new Facebook for Android and iOS further allows users to share their own opinions by rating or recommending places. Facebook warned the update is an early release, however, and “there’s lots more to do.” So, results will improve the more people use Nearby.

“We also plan to add places info from third party services in the near future,” Facebook explained.

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